Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back from Mali

I am back from a 17 days trip in one of the more pacific country in Africa, MALI.
It's soo dificult to explain what I have seen there. Time doesn't exist, and you have to forgive the words "stress"and "quick".There you can passed 10 or 20hours to travel from a city to an other.So keep cool!! you have the time to enjoy the landscape view. Maliens are soo calm and pacific people. And it's very impressive to see these strongs women walking like lions in these desertic countries with one baby on the front, one on the back, and a jerikan at the top of the head . All was hard, and extremes sensations. The sun, (beetween 45-50°C),the dust in the nose, drought, strong smells in the streets , Animists people, living like in the neolitic age, the fix eyes of the children."Toubabou, donnes moi cadeau!" (White, give me a present!).
Of course we have seen poverty, and in some place misery. Finally back to Valencia, I was happy to find my shower, but the food don't taste the same.

Traveling there, I have seen how is dificult for occidentals like me to leave in these conditions. And how things are diferents here and there. It's dificult to think that only my garbage of the day can pleased some childrens there.
And more incredible is to see how many helps don't go to the right persons. In Mali you can see children ask you for bread, and big black men with bigs 4x4 cars and sun glasses.
So I am back to Spain a little bit moved.
After a travel like that, you can't see black immigrants on the street the same.

I think most of the people should go to countries like Mali. To remind what is patience, and humanity.

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